Pilates is fast becoming an integral part of training programmes for sports professionals and elite athletes.


Top tennis player, Andy Murray, Olympic gold medalist, Victoria Pendleton, star footballer Gareth Bale and the world-renowned All Blacks rugby team have all made Pilates a fundamental part of their training. This is because they believe that Pilates will help keep them injury-free and give them the edge over their rivals.


There are three key reasons for the increasing popularity of Pilates among professional sportsmen and women:


Preventing Injury

One of the reasons is that it protects them from the severity and frequency of injuries. Consider a tennis player or golfer who is constantly using one side of their body more than the other. The muscles become unbalanced, stronger on one side than the other, which results in the body becoming misaligned. This misalignment makes you much more prone to injury.


The equipment we use at Horsham Pilates Studio will highlight these problems and help to realign the body.


“I’ve been going to Horsham Pilates Studio for some time now and have found a definite improvement in my alignment”

Improving Body Control and Awareness

The Reformer is a piece of equipment designed especially for Pilates and challenges the body in many ways. One key aspect is the amount of control needed to perform the exercises. This gives the athlete greater feedback than normal gym equipment and builds awareness of when the body is in the correct position during movement. This will then build knowledge of which muscles are working and how to activate the correct muscles for movement and stability.

Increasing Strength and Power

Whatever your sport and whatever your level, the ability to generate more power into your movement will improve your performance. A major benefit of doing Pilates is the increased stability through the hips and core muscles, meaning you can generate extra power even whilst moving or from an unstable position.

From Desk Job to Running a Marathon!

All of these things are important for an elite athlete but consider those of us who spend all day sitting at a desk, then rush out for an hour of exercise after work or at the weekend.


We are even more likely to have tight muscles, poor posture and muscular imbalances. Building Pilates into your regular exercise regime will help prevent injuries and improve your performance.

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